Enchant Christmas 2022 - Las Vegas, nV

Holiday and Christmas Walk-Throughs are aplenty during the Holidays. Though not as much compared to Holiday and Christmas Drive-Throughs during 2020 and 2021; there are still a ton of Walk-Throughs or events featuring holiday themed mazes. Having heard great things about the Enchant experience; as avid Christmas and Holiday event fans we had to venture to both events to check them out. The end result: Enchant was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Making its debut at Resorts World, this is Enchant’s 2nd location. A Google search for Enchant might confuse you and make you think that they have moved from their original location last year. They have grown instead and this is another Enchant experience on top of their original one. Resorts World features The Great Search Maze. The story is that a great storm ran through the North Pole and blew away all of Santa’s reindeer. Your mission to save Christmas is to find them all. Utilizing a maze passport, you are to get proof of your findings via unique stamps on your passport. Guests can then drop off their completed passports for a chance to win an exclusive prize sponsored by their partner, The Hallmark Channel.

When they said this is a maze, it was a maze indeed. With walls that are tall enough for you to not dare climb and cleverly designed corridors; it actually made “The Great Search” for the missing reindeer a fun challenge. With endless photo-ops and displays such as: presents, trees, giant ornaments and twinkling light tunnels to name a few; you’d think it would be easy to spot some reindeer. Turns out, it took much longer than we anticipated. These were larger-than-life reindeer! Kudos to the Enchant team for the clever placement and hiding these giant reindeer so well; they definitely did not seem easy to hide by any means. Whether you decide to participate in the maze passport activity or not; it wouldn’t hinder the experience if you opted to just walk-through at your own leisure.

Enchant at Resorts World is located on the Las Vegas Strip on the new Resorts World property. Access is through their shopping center, The District. Tickets Start at $44 for adults, $23 for children and $25 for Ice Skating.

Las Vegas Ballpark also houses the original Enchant from 2021. We’d like to mention again that this is not like a movie you can see at any location and expect the same story or experience; both experiences are distinct and unique in their own ways. The Las Vegas Ballpark location hosts the Little Elves Play Place at The Village and The Mischievous Elf Maze. In the former, kids of all ages can participate in games and make ornaments while hanging out with Mrs. Claus while she does storytime throughout the event. In the latter, Eddie the Elf and his reindeer buddy Sparky were playing around and lost 8 toys. Just as you can at the Resorts World location; you can grab a maze passport and search for these objects while exploring light tunnels and decorations that twinkle and shine.

Since this is located at a baseball diamond; we expected the event to be larger than Resorts World and it is. However, for this location, the vendors were actually located on the walkway looking down which gives you a near 360 degree view of the entire light maze and village. On the actual field is the light maze and village along with the stage and ice skating area. We found this experience to be much larger as there were more places to walk and what seemed to be more obstacles and pathways when finding those 8 toys.

Enchant at LV Ballpark is located in downtown Summerlin at the Las Vegas Ballpark. Tickets Start at 34 for adults, $20 for children and $18 for Ice Skating.

Other Activities

Though the experience at each location might differ; you will surely find the following activities and amenities no matter which one you attend: ice skating, performances, life-sized chess, play areas, the Tipsy Tavern, the Merry Lodge, Hallmark Channel’s Holiday House lounge area and gift shop, deliciously themed food and beverage vendors, shopping areas, unlimited photo-ops and of course Santa. With a blizzard of things to see and do, the only shortage you’ll have is time!


When they called this “The World’s Largest Christmas Light Maze”, they were not kidding. We were anticipating a winter or holiday festival of some kind but with a long walk-through. Instead, the whole event was practically a maze or a walk-through. Nothing immerses you into the experience better than when you get surrounded by it as soon as you step foot through the actual entrance; we found that to be true here. This was unlike anything we have ever seen before. Not only was this suitable for all ages, but most importantly they have found a way to give you the option of whether you’d like to participate or not (getting stamps on the maze passports). No matter what you choose, it does not affect the outcome of the storyline here which is clever to say the least. With so much going on here and a flurry of activities and sights and sounds; Enchant Christmas is a Holiday and Christmas destination for the entire family. Do keep in mind that lines can form in front of certain props and displays. We hope to see a line monitor or an elf to assist with photos in the near future. Though we were partial to the Las Vegas Ballpark location; you would feel enough aMAZEment no matter which maze you choose!

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