griffith holiday train 2018 - griffith park, ca

The Holiday Light Festival Train Ride offers a great family-fun-fare entertainment for the entire family. The train ride adds a different dynamic to the already ever-growing influx of Holiday entertainment in Los Angeles. We are used to Christmas Fairs and Holiday Festivals with vendors, live entertainment, and Santa. However, few to none have a holiday display train that comes along with it.

Once riders purchase a ticket, they are to line up to get on the train. While in line, there are light displays that give you a preview of whats to come and three singing L.E.D. X'Mas trees whose facial expressions are synced to the holiday music. Therefore, riders had photo-op opportunities and were able to get entertained with singing X'Mas trees that lit up and were synced to the music. Once through the gates, riders can choose their seats and get comfortable. A mini movie plays when riders are seated and are prepared to embark on their journey. The track featured many holiday displays; some elaborate and some simple. Nonetheless, there was defintely something for see for everybody attending.

The Holiday Light Festival Train Ride has been one of the staples and is a continuing tradition for many folks in Southern California. Like with the other consistent attractions stemming from Halloween (The L.A. Hayride / L.A. Ghost Train / Boney Island) to the L.A. Zoo Lights; it is good to have an additional attraction to look forwad to at Griffith Park. We wish that this attraction will be around for many years to come; it is great to pair this with the L.A. Zoo Lights which was minutes away.

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