Littletopia @ L.A. Art Show 2019
– Los Angeles, CA

For those that are in search dark art, creepy displays, and just strange or bizarre artwork in general; the L.A. Art Show can definitely appeal to your deepest and darkest desires. One may think that the Los Angeles Art Show is mainly known for classic art pieces by legendary and world renown artists and only feature paintings. However, there was a wide array of art featured from live art to sculptures to concept art. We decided to take a deeper look into Littletopia which was the main gallery in the back of the exhibit hall.

Caro Buermann, Corey Helford Gallery, and Red Truck Gallery teamed up together to co-curate Littletopia this year. It made sense, given Corey Helford Gallery's reputation of imaginative pop-art. Fans of the gallery would know what to expect at Littletopia. Though a large part of the L.A. Art Show contained strange and bizarre art from the other showcasing galleries; they were nice but did not compare to Littletopia. From the Evil Gingerbread House to Porcelina to the Milk Snowman; the art at Littletopia definitely stands out and seemed more fit for someone with an acquired taste. We felt that this gallery had less people and therefore more room for photos of the art or alongside it. While the other galleries are flooded with people to the point where you could barely squeeze by; Littletopia had lots of open space. Perhaps the art was too out of this world or weird for the average Art Show attendee, but it's galleries like these that are worth the price of admission and the trip there. That is not to discount all the other wonderful galleries with world renown artists and pieces; but this is L.A., and people came to see art that pushes the envelope and pioneers the way forward.

For those that do not get a chance to attend galleries, museums, or art exhibits on a regular basis; we recommend the annual L.A. Art Show. We noticed many popular local galleries showcasing their best along with galleries from all over the world. The art lover could definitely spend the entire day there and then some. Also, in our gallery, we included photos from the 27 Fishes exhibit as we feel was odd enough to be included and it was located next to Littletopia.