The Immersive Nutcracker 2022
- hollywood, ca

Are you a fan of the Nutcracker but wanted something a bit different this year besides the traditional stage experience? The Immersive Nutcracker - A Winter Miracle may just be the experience for you and your group. Located at the former home of the legendary Amoeba Music in Hollywood; read on to find out why this brand new venue the Lighthouse ArtSpace is worth a visit this holiday season.

Fans of the holiday season more than likely should all know the story of The Nutcracker. We’ve all probably seen it dozens of times whether it’s on the stage, at a theme park or through film adaptations. The Immersive Nutcracker tells the story in a format unlike any other formats we’ve ever seen before.

The experience is perhaps best described as a visual moving-art experience. The experience starts with you entering through a picture frame; we assumed this was put in for the Van Gogh exhibit which takes place during their normal season programming. You then see a giant wall art of a nutcracker before going through a corridor of frames. Next, guests will have the opportunity to take advantage of the seasonal photo-ops, play the themed Nutcracker game and enjoy a refreshment or two before entering the exhibit/show.

The experience is about 35 minutes long. Guests can enter it anytime and take in the visuals. The visual experience will restart after each show so have no fear if you walk in half-way. Imagine an art gallery, but instead of you looking at paintings and sculptures; you are watching this unique film with unique visuals and effects that surround you nearly the full 360 degrees. Just like any museum, there are a few benches available first come - first served. There are 2 main rooms: the one near the entrance is smaller while the next room can fit more and present a more surround visual experience. Lastly, for guests that prefer more privacy; there is a small upstairs balcony area where you can see the experience from above or watch a smaller screen up there for a slightly less exciting and immersive experience. No matter which you choose; you’ll be in for a memorable experience.

We felt that The Immersive Nutcracker was a great way to build a bridge and connect young adults to the Nutcracker story. A typical stage performance ballet version may not pique the interest of young minds, like this one can. The visual experience offers a blend of live characters mixed with creatively curated 3-D animated characters and objects. This short film with zero-talking and full music and sound gives you enough to comprehend the story of The Nutcracker.

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